The New-Age Bridal Party

The New-Age Bridal Party

Forget the idea of same outfits for the bridesmaids or the neutral complimentary hues, choose a more sophisticated look for yourself and your bridesmaids.  Sabyasachi and the Kardashian clan are perfecting the act of styling pieces together for families that are similar yet unique to ones personality. They allow each individual to shine with their own sense of style yet curating  the perfect balance of unity. Matching family attire is becoming a prominent fashion statement. Modern gestures as such are still  victorious in invoking the strongest sense of cohesiveness. 

As the new generation of digital media washes over us, our Instagram and Facebook profiles are the new form of self expression. Hence, imagine effervescent pictures of your friends and family wearing outfits from new age designers like Shloka Khialani,  Anjali Jani, or Himani and Anjali Shah. Their collections are perfect for a destination wedding with modern silhouettes that are made to make you stand out of the crowd. 

Shloka Khialani's collections exuberate youthfulness, excitement, and modernism which are perfect for the exceptional women in your life that are going to stand by you on one of the most special days in your life. Give them effortless styles that need minimal styling so they can truly be by your side to make memories that you will cherish forever instead of struggling to keep the dupatta in place.

Lilac Cut Out Embellished Gown W/ Net Drape

Anjali Jani's collections extend to the more casual, sustainable bride and her loved ones. This look is effortless, and nevertheless, elegant. With light and breezy fabrics and relaxed silhouettes, your bridesmaids can dance the night away in comfort and style. 

If you are a modern bride who still values tradition, go for 'Ek Khwaab Sa' collection by Himani and Anjali Shah. The collection is literally a dream. Inspired by their Rajasthani heritage, the collection represents the progressive Indian wear, featuring outfits with a contemporary and fresh take on tradition.The folkloric mood of combining the vast and breathtaking architecture of Rajasthan and the harmonious blend of the exquisite shades of Atlantic deeps, desert darks, and pastel skies.


The combination of perfecting personal style and harmonizing with the group is a complex one but these designers have curated a classy way to represent this conundrum. We curate our merchandise with diligent study of trends, sustainability and artisan crafts.

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